Solving findability problems at RD Station Marketing menu

September, 2017

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Designers analyzing solutions


Product Designer


The main menu of the SAAS RD Station Marketing product underwent a tree reformulation due to a findability problem.


The menu findability of RD Station Marketing were one of the main topics of the UX Problems study at 2016. The problem was at the account menu, where the user confuse the ‘user’ and ‘account’ entities (one related to the person and the other to the company). Simple tasks, as change password or domain, were not efficiently completed by some users.

Design Process

At the beginning of the Design Process I analyzed previous qualitative surveys about the RD Station Marketing navigation. After that, I made a Card Sorting session with Designers and Product Managers to create a navigation hypothesis together. The objective were not to create a solution but a start to the next step.

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Hypothesis created with Designers and PMs

With a better navigation hypothesis, I made a Tree Testing session with some users. We realized that there were still some problems with the jargons that we used in our navigation.

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First Tree Testing result

New tree testing were made until we get 100% navigation effectiveness. I did not focus in efficiency at first, and people sometimes took too long to find the correct answer. I focus on the efficiency at the next step (interface design), as iconography and colors could fix this problem.

After validate the navigation, I begin a benchmarking research to understand visual patterns as how to identify user and account entities. I made some usability tests with tools like Slack and Google Account.

After the research, I designed six navigation proposals, all using the validated tree from the previous step. I presented all solutions to the Product Design team to identify the advantage of each one and begin the usability tests.

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Hypothesis validated on usability test

The usability was tested with six users from RD Station Marketing. The solution was a success and only one question had efficiency under 100%.

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Part of Usability Test result

Lessons Learned

All this process took a month from the begin to the end. However, it took six month until all changes were released. As this was a big change, the release should be gradual, with rollback possibility.